Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's All About You...

Ha, today's the grand Valentine's Day, though strictly speaking, I have nothing to do with it this year. Luckily I got five pieces of chocolate from the girls today(some said they made the chocolate themselves, good work indeed), and a so-called greeting card too, nice. That's already a lot to me anyway, lol.

Lots of girls have been giving out these sheets recently that I had to spend the whole night writing them. Even now I haven't finished all of them, and more and more keep coming, it's turned out to be some kind of assignment now. *sighs* And I saw a question on one of those sheets, "Favourite song?". That actually made me think for a couple of minutes. The first song I thought of was All About You by McFLY, followed closely with Flying Without Wings, by Westlife, of course(who can sing it better then them anyway?). Both of them are really nice songs, but I chose to write something else instead. And I am not telling you which song it is, yeah.

Time flies, and a year has gone by. It's the Valentine's Day again! It has never meant much to me I guess. Nevertheless, I have my perfect song for this romantic day this year. It's All About You... Here it is, All About You by McFLY. It's just as sweet as the chocolate, hmm.

OK, make sure you have watched the video already before you read on.

Watched it already? Alright, let's take a look at this:

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What's this? A cow, yes it is a cow. This is the screen cap of the video you've just watched at about 3:35. I just saw it on the board here today. It's really weird that not a lot of people have noticed it before this thread started, maybe that's because the cute thing has only appeared on the screen for about a second. Anyway the video's just fun to watch! But...

Why a cow? I really don't know.

"Dancing on the kitchen tiles
Yes you make my life worthwhile
So I told you with this smile
It's all about you.."

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