Monday, June 30, 2008

Half year around...

Finally got time to sit and type here. Last day of exam, boo! It's all over. I can't help feeling excited looking at my list of projects and NAs. So much good stuff is waiting for me to go through. I slept for some hours after catching tales with Jamie Cullum, and McFLY too. :) Miss their good old summer tunes.

Before starting anything, the first thing I need to do is to get back onto the GTD track. I haven't done any weekly review since my revision for the exam started. So that's quite a long time...a long long time indeed. Everyday I finished one subject and I stacked everything related including books and note sheets on the inbox pile. Papers, folders and books stacked up to an arm's length. The in-pile looks a bit scary I'd admit. But thinking about how good it'll be to process everything through gives me chills. :)

And next, recently I've been very much into Steve Pavila's self development blogs. I even have a project regard this. I haven't figured out what to do next, my NA there is just to "read Steve's blogs". Yet I'm sure I'm gonna get so much from it. Oh yes I am sure. :D

This is the post of the 30th June as you see. Half of the year 2008's gone...wish you all best at the rest half of the year. Happy 2009 to come...ignore the black hole down there mate.

Awesome McFLYness, how I miss the old days...

Room on the 3rd Floor album sampler

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've had this little obsession of pens and stationery ever since I got into Moleskine hacks, of blogs where people mention the pens and such they use for the little beauty.

I'd admit that I wasn't very happy about the stationery I have, before this obsession started. My pens, well, my ball pens, literally speaking, either the ink stopped half way through its first usage, or it just stopped in the first place, right after I bought the pen, which was working perfectly fine at the shop.

I consider myself pretty unlucky with ink pens, so I switch to the gel ones, still the problem exists, only to be from always to often. Yet it's better than nothing at all.

And that's how I've made it through for like, many many years, with constantly buying new pens and constantly throwing new pens away.

Still I have my passion for pens, I keep trying new brands and models and such, ranging from Bic to Pilot and to Muji and to some unknown brand from outer space. And now, I'm quite happy about my pens, all of them(well not really, still) are working well and I love them. The only problem is of which one to use everytime I write. :)

So there they are, some of the pens I am using right now:

Pilot G-2 0.5 Blue

Muji 0.38 Gel pen Blue

Zebra J-Sharbo Black

Stabilo galaxy 818M Blue

BIC Bu2 Red

I can't be bothered to set up a Picasa acc to post the pics this go google if you're interested! :P Sorry.