Saturday, May 17, 2008

May, here it goes again

I know it's been a long time since my last post here. But considering I have no reader to be responsible for to write now, I suppose it's quite okay, as long as the one who's hitting the keyboard is happy with it.

Writing something on this blog has been on my NA list for quite a while, literally, 1 month plus 15 days, so long that I've finally decided to get my hands on it, so that I could tear the page with another 50+ NAs on it.

For a very long time I've come to realise that May will be as busy as you-know-it. Jammed with deadlines of two of the biggest projects I've ever had ever. And many of those smaller ones as well. It's jammed. The whole month. And then I'll have my tests and exams at the end of the month. It's bloody busy.

Today, 17th May, is 9 days away from the tragic DL day, when two deadlines crash and burn and burn, baby burn! I suppose I couldn't even give myself a thumbs-up after the DL war, that's if I could ever survive with it. Still a long way to come mate...the battle's never over.

Yeah you got the glue!

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