Monday, June 30, 2008

Half year around...

Finally got time to sit and type here. Last day of exam, boo! It's all over. I can't help feeling excited looking at my list of projects and NAs. So much good stuff is waiting for me to go through. I slept for some hours after catching tales with Jamie Cullum, and McFLY too. :) Miss their good old summer tunes.

Before starting anything, the first thing I need to do is to get back onto the GTD track. I haven't done any weekly review since my revision for the exam started. So that's quite a long time...a long long time indeed. Everyday I finished one subject and I stacked everything related including books and note sheets on the inbox pile. Papers, folders and books stacked up to an arm's length. The in-pile looks a bit scary I'd admit. But thinking about how good it'll be to process everything through gives me chills. :)

And next, recently I've been very much into Steve Pavila's self development blogs. I even have a project regard this. I haven't figured out what to do next, my NA there is just to "read Steve's blogs". Yet I'm sure I'm gonna get so much from it. Oh yes I am sure. :D

This is the post of the 30th June as you see. Half of the year 2008's gone...wish you all best at the rest half of the year. Happy 2009 to come...ignore the black hole down there mate.

Awesome McFLYness, how I miss the old days...

Room on the 3rd Floor album sampler

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