Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pens II

Funny how time flies...two months left for the year when we all went through tragedies and celebrations(both not at the same time, well). Time for my pen addication again.

Last week I switched to DIYplanner's HPDA suite after losing my pocketmod. Everything's fine so far. Nevertheless, following the fall of my Uni Signo bit .38 black, I'm looking for new pens to fill the thin lines on the white index cards.

Candidate 1 is indeed another .38 black gel pen I'm using now, Pilot G-2. The colour is dark and sharp, which is what I like a lot about the G-2 line. Yet comparatively I prefer the dark grey colour and seemingly thinner lines of Signo bit. G-2 ink always feels a bit too...umm, rich, like the ink just flows a bit too much. Yet, currently there's a pen sale at the bookstore nearby, selling G-2 .5 pens with ink cartilages at a very attractive price. So...well I'll give G-2 .5 a try also.

I take my old G-2 .5 blue pen as candidate 2. Surprisingly the lines look a bit thinner than .38, but it's probably because the ink is almost used up. Well.

That leads to another .5 candidate. Uni-ball Signo UMR-65. The line again looks not-so-surprisingly-now thinner than it should be. Okay, I prefer its lighter blue colour to that of G-2 though.

Lastly there is Slicci .4, feels great, but not particularly my favourite. I know Slicci is probably the best pen I've ever come acrosee, but I find it hard to enjoy using it as much as I do with other pens. I have no idea why. And Slicci, it's one of the most expensive pens in my pencil case.

I'm thinking about buying a Hi-tech C again, though I'm not too sure if I'd be happier spending the same amount of money on trying Jetstream instead. I don't know! :P I'll probably snatch a Hi-tech C from my mates and see how it feels. Hopefully I'll come back again and report my final decision later. Urh I'm such a pen addict. :O

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