Monday, March 17, 2008

How to make your life feel better in 10 days

My, I feel depressed.

Having been studying for so many years I know that exams ain't that easy, still I didn't realize how bad things could be until today. Chemistry is one of the five subjects I am taking right now, and my, I thought I was not bad at it, if not good. Then everything crashed when I had my exam today, everything, crashed. Boom.


I spent the last few nights watching Doctor Who and Muse's HAARP tour instead of studying alright(they're good, really). I think I kinda deserve the final result. Last of the class, of 40+ people.

Not that I am complaining/ranting because I think I don't deserve getting failed, but I feel really bad now.

And there comes the school holiday of 10 days. 10 days, you know, and I know how much(or how little) can be done within 10 days. So as I am here repenting my mistakes, I think I am ready for a roller-coaster change during the holiday, for the good of course.

Here comes the list: (I wanna change!)

  1. Priority: now study should go first anyway, even though it means missing a couple of Torchwood/Dr Who episodes. :(  :] Ha, ha, ha. I suppose I can always watch them later alright. What's the use of the HDD recorder anyway?
  2. Literacy: I am terrible at languages, really. And a few more books should help. I have a number of choices on hand at the moment(Brave New World, Only You Can Save Mankind, Bleak House, The Oxford Murders, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde). See, it's a assorted classic.
  3. Music: I've been thinking about picking up keyboard again, though drums will sound really nice too(sometimes I do think that I'm a bit talented when it comes to drums). Being able to play Sing For Absolution(one of my favorite Muse song btw) would be great. The piano there is absolutely fantastic. Just one song, and I'll be happy. :) It'll be real good if I manage to master it though.
  4. Exercise: Believe it or not, exercise does help when it comes to studies. With a good body you don't even fall asleep that easily. In other words, you just don't sleep in class, because you can't. Your brain won't switch off like that in an athlete's body. It just won't. Trust me. So, 30 minutes of running down the block everyday!
  5. Chemistry: Did I not mention that I plan all these for it? For a better and happier life that is, with Chemistry. I love Chemistry. I do. Take that from me. What I am going to do is to read all the books again, complete all the exercises again, and keep repeating the steps. Read, do, check. Read, do,, do, check, done! I am gonna spend hours, and days on it. I know I gonna love that. :D

The big thing about this 10-days plan is that, you don't do anything else except those 5 on the list. Either you read, or you play, or you run, or you do. Blah blah blah. Gonna fill my timetable with those things. Day and night, they'll be all that I do, for 10 days, and I'll be good.

Lastly, a song that came into my mind when I handed in the papers today, hopelessly(and trying to pull a "I'm alright" face in front of everyone, I know you were staring at me at that time). And the song kinda fits in, my clever subconscious.

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