Thursday, March 6, 2008

Owen Harper's Obituary

I just love the humour of Torchwood...esp. Owen Harper the medic(he's a hot guy as well). :) This is one of the many bullet-proofs, taken from the Torchwood Institude site:

I'm working on my obituary. How does this sound?

'The passing of Owen Harper (1974-2008) will be deeply mourned. Mostly by his friends and colleagues, but hopefully also by his parents, despite them never having been that close to him. They didn't know what they were missing. His passing will also be mourned by the many bar-owners of Cardiff, where he lived, worked and drank. His loss will also be keenly felt by the womenfolk of the city, to whom he gave so much, so often. He didn't do too badly with his life, all things considered: he was a bloody good doctor and saved a fair few lives on the operating table, and for an encore he saved the world, more than once. He died in the line of duty, shot by some evil bloke with some evil plan, helping keep the people of Wales, and the world, safe.'

Jack, could you work out how many times I did save (or help to save) the world? I'd like it on my gravestone. I don't really care if anybody believes it or not, it'd just be nice.


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